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Chaotic, glamorous and FUN – those are the words I would use to describe this past week. Spread over three intense days, I spent most of the time running to and from shows, and attending fun, fashionable events.

I did not know what to expect because I had never attended fashion week before as a fashion blogger. Little did I know that the fashion industry is exactly like it is described in books and movies, with fast-paced people running from show to show with goodie bags and designer purses in their hands.

Even though Copenhagen is not nearly as large as some other fashion capitals as New York and Milan, I could definitely feel the fashion energy shine throughout the city. It was another side of the city and its people, that I had no clue even existed. I guess I thought that important fashion designers, influencers and grand events all kept to some of the larger cities, but suddenly here it all was – happening in my city – Copenhagen.

revolver trade show

Copenhagen fashion week 2016 Autumn Winter blog fashion lifestyle events shows0Copenhagen fashion week 2016 Autumn Winter blog fashion lifestyle events shows3


I started the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week off with a visit to Revolver Copenhagen International Trade Show to get a glimpse of fashion trends for Autumn/Winter and up and coming designer brands.

I saw cool new brands with innovative designs, such as Italian futuristic all-lens sunglasses by Retro Super Future, as well as streetwear-inspired clothing from the French brand, Sixth June. I brought my amazing friend, Ella, with me and we had so much fun running from one designer to the next talking about the fashion pieces that we loved.

Especially bomber jackets were everywhere to be seen. I love jackets with unique embroidery on the backs, for a super chic streetwear feel.disney event copenhagen fashion week

Copenhagen fashion week 2016 Autumn Winter blog fashion lifestyle events disney1

Copenhagen fashion week 2016 Autumn Winter blog fashion lifestyle events disney

Copenhagen fashion week 2016 Autumn Winter blog fashion lifestyle events disney3Copenhagen fashion week 2016 Autumn Winter blog fashion lifestyle events disney2 Later the day we stopped by The Walt Disney Company Nordic fashion event to celebrate the best of Disney’s fashion collaborations. The event was arranged by 9PR and it was simply incredible! It had everything from Disney fashion modelling, Mickey Mouse mini burgers, cupcakes and, not to mention, the fairytale-inspired cocktails consisting of unusual ingredients, as beetroot, marshmallow and lychee fruits.

We had such a good time walking around the exhibition, admiring everything from the tea party setup in the Alice In Wonderland part to the R2-D2-inspired heels in the Star Wars room, all while sipping our delicious cocktails.

This was definitely the coolest event of the week because everything was so well done, in the best Disney kind of way. I love everything that has to do with fairytales, so this was just my kind of party.

That was a wrap for the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week! Stay tuned for the next blog post, where I share my experience attending my first fashion shows, and going backstage for a behind the scenes of what the fashion world is all about.
  • Fai

    This is cool. I would love to go around the world to the different fashion weeks!

    • Oh, I wish so too! I’m sure we will though, someday, and have tons of fun! ?

  • I hear a lot of people compliment Copenhagen as one of a potential Fashion city. I can feel the ambiance and the energy of fashion through your photos. Great fashion post!

    Greetings from Belgium

    • Thank you, Rose! Yes definitely. I was so surprised myself, which is hilarious considering all the years I’ve spent in the city.

  • polkadotsandcurry

    Great piks. So much going through the article. Wish I could be a part of such a fun event in future !!

    • I bet you can! Otherwise you can join me for next fashion month in September ?

  • Love it! That reminds me I am looking for a bomber jacket 🙂

    • Yess, I need a bomber jacket too ASAP!

  • Wow, what great pictures you have hun. Thanks for sharing x

    • I’m so glad you liked it!

  • Oh God! I love everything about this show! Specially those shoes. Love your hairdo though.

    • Thanks, Aiman! The show was amazing, and those Swarovski shoes were to die for (and are probably very expensive too haha).

  • Jade Brey

    I envy you! Hehe. Great read and pics.

  • I love all your photos!!! very cute post 🙂

  • Eugenia Nazarova

    Copenhagen Fashion Week seems a really interesting event in fashion industry! I am a huge Star Wars fan, so this photo with stormtrooper and Darth Vader jacket impressed me a lot! Very creative! Can’t wait your next post!