Photography by @jeeba

Summer is here, and I could not be more excited. With summer parties, picnics and night outs coming up, it can be difficult to pick out the perfect outfit for all occasions. In collaboration with Boohoo, I picked out the perfect summer outfit from their occasion wear shop.

Coloured denim is a huge trend this summer, which is why I choose this cute millennial pink denim jacket to make the outfit more casual, yet keep the outfit looking fresh and feminine.

The co-ordinated set is brilliant for any outdoor parties this season. It is perfect to dance in, as the skirt is a perfect mid-length, and the bralet top adds a beach-vibe to the look.



  • Ania Ewelina

    I love that outfit! It’s the perfect summer outfit, you can dress it up or down, day or night. It looks really pretty on you too.

  • Jennifer Sterbenz

    I love this outfit! It’s so cute and summer-y. Definitely not one I can pull off though haha, I’m super short so it would look a bit off πŸ˜›

    • Thank you! I’m only 5’2. The denim jacket is from Boohoo’s Petite section, and it fits perfectly!

  • jade

    brilliant post! very informative and your layout is excellent!

  • wow amazing photos. Boohoo do some lovely clothes, especially for the summer. I really like the floral dresses!! Than you πŸ™‚

  • Hun I am in love with your outfit you look love the co-ord. Will check it out on Boohoo now, I have not shopped there in a while! x

  • What a great looking outfit, especially for summer. The components all go so well together and you do look very good in it. I will go and check out this more at Boohoo, thank you for this post.

  • Samantha Bye

    Such a cute outfit! You look great. I love those shoes as well, I’m rubbish in heels but they don’t look too scary!

  • You look really great! All dresses are just fabulous. Floral vibes always on point! Btw. I love the sunglasses too.

  • kathryn Maher

    Love this look on you. Its got a real summer vibe like you described but also has echoes of a vintage 50’s theme going on . Love it and the sandals are great too very versatile.

  • Liza Perry

    Very pretty and refreshing ! Love the crop top and of course the so trendy floral print!

  • Laura Dove

    Oh I love this outfit! I love co-ordinates, especially when you can mix them up with a plain top/skirt. Gorgeous!

  • I love the pattern of the outfit, with those big bright flowers. It’s definitely elegant and perfect for a date day out. The pink jacket compliments it so well also.

  • Summer is always fun with the many activities that we can do. It’s also an opportunity to dress lightly and comfortably. Your photos look like you are ready for a good summer outing.

  • Margarette Puno

    Oh! Very pretty. Your dresses are very fashionable and nice. A very good outfit for summer. I love it and the color too.

  • Marceline Dementori

    I think this is such a lovely outfit! Florals are always perfect for the summer. Can I just say that I love how you style it as well?! Those sunnies are so pretty! Love that it matches perfectly with your outfit!

  • Divyanka Krsna

    Super amazing outfits, gracefully carried by you. I loved the sunglasses! You look so adorable.

  • Louise Smith

    This outfit looks amazing on you. I wish I could wear something like this, but I sadly don’t have the figure for it. Boohoo do some gorgeous pieces though πŸ™‚

    Louise x

  • lana

    Loved your outfit! you look fab! so inspiring! thanks for sharing!

  • Such a pretty outfit doll. You look amazing x