This style guide is specially designed for whatever occasion you are set on for New Year's Eve. So whether you are going all out for a clubbing outfit, or you are spending the night in with your guy, I got your covered, from glittery gowns to comfy PJ's. Click to read more!

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and a year of new adventures is waiting to be explored. I truly hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, spent with your loved ones, and that you are all set for the new year. New Year’s Eve always gets me excited, because I love beginning on new chapters in life and going on new adventures.

Another thing I love about New Yar’s Eve is the celebrating. Glitter makeup, sequins gowns, oh, it’s all up in my closet.

Of course, I wanted to share my passions for festive New Year’s Eve fashion with you. This style guide is specially designed for whatever occasion you are set on for New Year’s Eve. So whether you are going all out for a clubbing outfit, or you are spending the night in with your guy, I got your covered, from glittery gowns to comfy PJs.

Tip: The items are clickable, so you will be redirected to the store when clicking the items. Right-click and press ‘open in new tab’ to open multiple items and collect the perfect set to purchase after reading. I know – I just made everything a lot easier for you.


House Party Glam New Years Eve5

So, you are either invited to a house party, or you are throwing one yourself, but you have no idea what to wear. I get it. You don’t want to dress too fancy to make everyone else feel like crap, but at the same time, you don’t want to give up on the glitter.

House parties can be tricky, which is why dress codes are, at times, the most appropriate thing in the world, so it cannot be misunderstood by anybody. But, if you have not gotten a dress code and still have no idea what to wear, my go-to rule that I have always been taught is: it is better to meet up overdressed, rather than underdressed.

I would go for a fun, glittery outfit because it can’t go wrong for a New Year’s Eve. At the moment, I am loving silver sparkles and pastel colors (which is going to be the it colors for 2016). Stock up on fun accessories like an Instax polaroid camera to capture fun moments. Lastly, am I the only one that loves the idea of a cute up-do and glitter roots? I think it’s adorable and totally appropriate for New Year’s Eve.

The perfect dress header


New Years Eve Night Out

A night out with the girls for New Year’s Eve? Great! At least now you have an excuse to put on your best kitten glitter heels. Clubbing on New Year’s Eve can either go terribly right or terribly wrong, to be honest. Most times, you either end up having an amazing time, or you end up some random unglamorous place when the clock hits midnight because something didn’t go as planned.

Frankly, we can prepare for that with a glamourous coat that will keep you warm to and from the club, or if you are an outdoor person and want to spend midnight at Times Square.

Besides a warm coat, like these gorgeous feather ones, I would go for a sleek black and golden night out look. Right now I adore nude mesh dresses. They are elegant, sultry and chic, and they are perfect for New Year’s Eve if you are going for a sexy, glam look. I wore one from For Love and Lemons last year for prom, and it was the perfect dress choice.

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STAYING IN New Years Eve

You are tired of noisy clubs, expensive drinks and New Year’s Eve nights that goes wrong, so this year you decided to call it a quit and stay in with your glass of champagne, face mask and bubble bath. Girl, I get ya. If you for once do not feel like you will suffer from FOMO because you are missing out on a New Year’s Eve event, know that there is nothing wrong with having a night in to watch movies, while having some me-time.

Of course, you are allowed to look and feel totally cute in your ‘night in’ outfit, so here is some inspiration. I am in love with fluffy bathrobes and hoodies to wear at home, obviously paired with cute slippers.

If you want to go a bit more fancy, go for a satin pajamas or a lace wrap teddy to feel effortless chic on your couch while glamorously watching Sex and The City, Clueless and Breakfast at Tiffany’s on repeat.

PJs and slippers header

How will you be spending New Year’s Eve? House party, night out, or staying in?
  • Number 15 is the perfect dress indeed and number 14 looks like a cosy pajama!

    • I couldn’t agree more! Those are both very classy ✨

  • Nice collection. . Beautiful i like all the selected styles

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it!

  • I love all the ideas! Especially the one with fur and the options you provided against them. The lace dress is so dramatic and stunning it is surely a hit for any NYE party. Would love if you linked up to my post at

  • Just pinned your mood boards 🙂

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  • Ashley

    I am definitely going for the glitter look this year!! Love this!

    • YESS, glittery outfits are the best ??

  • Divas Love

    Night out outfits and all accessories are amazing. Really liked it.

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  • Happy New Year outfit is so great

    • Thanks, Jane. I love that one too!

  • I wish I had a party to go to to wear one of these dresses. Instead, I’ll be rocking 11-14 – the pajamas. 🙂 I’m not going to complain!

    • Hahaha, great!! Hope you had an awesome night in!

  • polkadotsandcurry

    You have a great taste. Loved all the dresses. Great ideas for all kinds of celebrations on NYE.

  • Love the suggestions!! Now I just want to stay in at NYE so I can wear those bunny-slippers 😀

    • Haha, I know right? I hope you had an amazing time though ?

  • great picks.. love all the sparkly options.. and those bunny slippers!

    • Thanks! I know right? They are so adorable!

  • I love this post Juliana! I love the night out looks and anything glittery haha! I stayed in for NYE in comfy pjs recovering from sickness haha but nonetheless it was amazing watching the ball drop and ringing in the new year with family! I hope you had a great NYE and happy New Years and much success to you in 2016!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Aww thanks, Jasmine, you’re the sweetest! I hope you recovered well from the sickness, and that you had a wonderful time with your family. Family comes first, so staying in with them doesn’t sound so bad after all ☺️☺️ Much love and success to you too in 2016!

  • Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the shoes with the fur pompoms…!
    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration 🙂

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