I am currently halfway through my BA (Hons) Fashion Communication at Condé Nast College. As part of the course, students are asked to find an internship for the summer. A couple of weeks ago I completed mine at Vogue International, and it was an absolute dream experience.

The Vogue International hub was launched nearly a year ago and is an initiative created by Wolfgang Blau, President and Chief Digital Officer of Condé Nast International, to efficiently centralise Vogue’s digital editorial efforts across 21 markets.

I was able to experience an accelerating startup environment inside the mass media company, firsthand as the first intern for the Vogue International editorial team.

I worked for the Head of Social Strategy and Storytelling on projects ranging from producing social content to strategizing on how to build a personal brand on Instagram.

Ganni SS18, Copenhagen Fashion Week

During my second week, I was able to attend Copenhagen Fashion Week with the Commissioning Editor to produce social content and interview designers backstage. We attended Ganni, By Malene Birger, Astrid Andersen and Saks Potts. Copenhagen Fashion Week is becoming increasingly popular with more international press attending each year, because of the minimalist Scandi designers and street style.

Designers Remix SS18 catwalk show on Cikelbroen, Copenhagen Fashion Week

Astrid Andersen SS18, Copenhagen Fashion Week

We also got a guided tour of CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) to preview the collections of emerging designers. Lulu Kennedy, Director of Fashion East, curated a Crystal Hall at the fair and presented London-talents, including Finery, Liam Hodges and Richard Malone. Charles Jeffery took over the outdoor area, as he designed a pink DJ set.

Instagram @vogueindia

On my last day in Copenhagen, I produced a city guide for Instagram Stories with the Danish fashion blogger, Marie Hindkær. We shot the story showing her favourite spots around the city from shopping at Holly Golightly to biking around Nyhavn Habour. The story was posted on Vogue India’s Instagram, which has over one million followers.

When I came back to the London office, I worked on other exciting projects. I was able to see how the British Vogue Snapchat team operates, and I got an article published, which happened to be the best performing article in the issue. I also worked on a project about personal branding on Instagram. During the end of my internship, I was lucky enough to present the personal branding report in front of the team, which was an amazing opportunity.

Overall, I am very thankful to have been part of such an innovative team that looks at the future of digital media. The startup environment inspired me enormously and I learned a lot about digital strategies and how the company runs on a global scale across many markets, which I hope to be a part of one day. I got a good understanding of how Condé Nast International prioritises digital communication in the fashion sphere.

“Fashion has a global layer,” Wolfgang Blau said to DigiDay UK. “Fashion is synonymous with globalization. Fashion wonderfully also has a hyper-local expression around things like street style. With so many Vogues, we’re creating the world’s largest network.”

I am very excited to see what the future has to bring for the rapidly expanding company.

Big thanks to the CNI team!

  • Star Harford

    I cant believe you got to attend the copenhagen fashion week as part of your work experience! You are so lucky to have done your work experience at Vogue and it sounds like a brilliant experience!

  • Aditya Tiwari

    A Fashion Show of big event is a big boost up. Congratulations. In my internships, I never got that chance. It is Awesome. I am pretty sure, if you work smartly you will land something similar to Vogue in future.

  • Oh my goodness you got to do an internship for Vogue that is huge! Well done and it is great that you also got to attend Copenhagan Fashion Week. I am sure that you will definitely be able to work for Vogue one day x

  • Wow this is amazing. And congratulations! You seem very very passionate of what you do. I am pretty sure you’ll do more amazing things in the future. 🙂

  • Jennifer Sterbenz

    This seems like an amazing experience, congratulations! I would love to visit Copenhagen one day. I had no idea that they have a fashion show!

  • June Jewels

    That does sound like a dream internship! Congratulations! I’m sure you worked very hard for it and you deserved it. What a nice experience to add to your resume 🙂

  • Jolina

    What an amazing internship! Though I must ask, did you have any Devil Wears Prada moments?! LOL. Seriously though, wow. This would open so many doors.

  • Laura Dove

    WOW, what an amazing experience to have! I think that’s probably the best internship you could ever hope for!

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    What a great internship experience you had, learning social strategies matters a lot these days to market. Such internships creates numerous career opportunities.

  • TheMummyToolbox

    This must have been a fantastic experience for you and a great opportunity as well, particularly being their first intern.

  • Kai Digger_Digg

    Looks like a great exp for you and tho i’m not in fashion industry but i heard lot of good things about The Vogue International, also the photos you posted are amazing 🙂

  • Check you out lady, how fab has the whole experience been for you, you lucky lady. A massive congrats.

  • David Elliott

    It’s exciting the fashion week that you went to. It looks like they have some very unique styles that they have coming out. Congrats on the internship you have been able to have.

  • Kallia Manika

    That must have been so exciting and fullfilling for your future fashion career! I bet a lot of girls wish they were in your shoes, getting an internship in vogue international! Congrats!

  • Elena Stevkovska

    You definitely had the best experience at Vogue International and you have probably learnt so much. Congrats on the internship.

  • An internship at Vogue, WOW that sounds so exciting! So lucky for you that you got to go the Copenhagen Fashion Week. I’m sure you’ll get to work for them someday! 🙂

  • What an amazing experience!

    The Lady Fairer