The season of Christmas lights, festive food, family time and gifts has officially begun. Yet, even though Christmas Eve is right around the corner, it’s sometimes difficult to get into the Christmas spirit.

Whether you’re not quite the overly-excited-for-Christmas type, or you happen to be one of those people who feels tired of everything Christmas-y by the middle of December, here are some tips that will help you get into the holiday season the right way… without having to decorate your home like Winter Wonderland.

1. Light Up Scented Candles

There are lots of delicious-smelling and chic candles on the market that will turn your home into a smelling gingerbread bakery.

Stocking up on candles is a fantastic subtle way to get excited about Christmas. Burning candles around your flat will also make you turn aside the fact that it’s black dark outside most of the day, and will even make that somewhat, cozy.

If you’re sensitive to strong fragrances or do not prefer sniffing in the chemicals of scented candles, turn to scented soy candles instead (Check out Etsy for natural handmade options). This is supposedly much healthier to inhale, and will last you longer.

2. Sip Hot Drinks


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What better way to start the holidays than with delicious hot drinks? This year Starbucks released its festive tea lattes, and I must say that the Gingerbread Tea Latte just about sums up the taste of Christmas (and makes for a great alternative for all you non-coffee drinkers).

But if you want to save the Starbucks money on Christmas gifts, you can easily copycat this from home, by adding in milk in your tea, as well as pumps of a flavored syrup (preferably gingerbread).

Other than that, there are plenty of ways to spice up your tea-game at home. Homemade chai lattes are perfect for Christmas, and of course, so is hot chocolate and tasty festive teas.

3. Decorate Minimalistic For Christmas

The most common reason why some of us are so done with Christmas halfway through the month is that Christmas decorations and music can be found everywhere around you. At some point, it all just gets too much.

A way to prevent this from happening is to keep your Christmas decorations at home very subtle. You could even follow a ‘white Christmas’ theme – that way, you won’t get tired of it right away. Choose minimalistic Christmas decorations that you enjoy looking at.

4. Host A Festive Cocktail Night

christmas cocktail drink


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Spending time with friends and families during the holidays is a must-do, and inviting your girlfriends over for holiday-themed cocktails is a great way to get yourself into the Christmas spirit.

This is a great way to enjoy the holidays by experimenting with different cocktail ingredients and showing off your bartending skills. You can each find a delicious recipe on Pinterest, get together the ingredients and try to recreate the cocktail. If you all fail at bartending, you will still have an awesome time together.

5. Wear Fuzzy Jumpers and Socks



Warm jumpers and socks are essentials for when it’s cold outside. Stocking up on cute, fuzzy clothes is a great way to enjoy the season while keeping warm, and preventing your “summer sadness” and cravings for the sun!

This cute jumper is perfect for snuggling in at home, and will keep you warm in the cold weather. Pair it with tights, knee high boots, an oversized coat and scarf, and you are good to go. #WinterFashionista.

I originally wrote this article for The Closet. Click here to read the original article.

  • This post had some really good tips! Although I’m quite into Christmas this year, while reading this I realized there’s a lot more that you can do around december. Love your blog hon!

    • Aww thank you, sweetie ? ? Glad you liked it.

  • what about going to church? christmas is a religious holiday

    • I don’t talk about/discuss religion on my blog in order to avoid offending anyone. I think it’s a very personal topic, and though I myself am religious, I don’t find it relevant for my blog.
      Though Christmas does have religious roots, I believe Christmas is about celebrating love, being grateful and spending time with family and friends, and I think anyone can celebrate these values regardless of their religion ?

  • I love the decorate minimalistic sometimes people go overboard. This list is great.

  • Such good tips what a great post. I love cosy winter evenings with some scented candles and warm drinks. I have also fallen in love with the jumper featured above, can I get one from ASOS?

    with love from

  • You have some great tips there! I do the same, especially the lights and candles to create the christmas spirit 🙂

  • Monika

    I can never get tired of Christmas but I definitely feel bad for those who work in retail or other stores that play Christmas music 24/7. I would probably get annoyed too.


  • Beautiful site! Great tips. I especially love the festive cocktail night. Definitely an idea for the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

  • I was thinking what to do in Christmas holidays. You have given me a good idea, I would like to choose that ” Host A Festive Cocktail Night” one. Thank you!

  • I love the idea of hosting a festive cocktail party – how fun! 🙂 I love drinking warm drinks and smelling my scentsy warmer while looking at the tree as Christmas approaches. Thank you for sharing this Christmas-y post! 🙂

  • A festive cocktail night is an awesome idea. Night would make your night.

  • I’m feeling it a little bit now

  • Lovely tips to get festive! I don’t understand why it’s always so busy before Xmas and it feels like there’s no time to do anything to enjoy the Xmas feeling in advance…

  • I loved this! Tonight, I’m going to put on fuzzy socks, watch a Christmas movie, and sip on some hot cocoa. That should put me in a Christmas mood!

  • Great tips. I liked all the ideas and that jumper is too cute !

  • aimz

    haha that cozy sweatshirt 😀 Awesome!

  • footnotes and finds

    the idea of fuzzy pjs and hot drinks whilst sitting by the fireplace just sounds perfect!

  • Love that sweatshirt, made me LOL. Also loved this post, will definitely be following your blog from now on!

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  • rakelcampos

    Oh! I loved this post! This jumper make me laugh!!

    Awesome tips and pics! Love them 😉

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  • Just reading your post gets me more into the Christmas spirit. Great suggestions and beautiful images!

  • I love these tips! I’ve been trying to get in the holiday spirit with hot drinks, Christmas music and cute Christmas fashion so far it’s working these tips are so great I need to get some scented candles now!

    Jasmine 🙂

  • I love the last one about jumpers, definitely dont wear a bra and definitely go out with my pyjamas underneath…but no one has noticed thus far!

  • I live in upstate ny in a ski town and we have near 70 degree weather predicted for christmas eve and near 60s for christmas day and no snow!! It has been harder for me to get into the spirit, too, but I am always excited for christmas no matter what – your christmas tree and setup is gorgeous 🙂