Yesterday we were invited to go see Boiler Room live on its tour stop in Copenhagen. It was held at Generator Copenhagen, which was surprisingly a really cool hotel filled with young hipsters and full of fun activities.

If you have not heard of Boiler Room, it is a free online service where you can stream live DJ music from all around the world. I love the idea behind the concept, and I think it is a great way to support DJ artists and the community of global music lovers. If you want to re-watch the live stream from the event go to Boiler Room’s website. The music reminded me of chill lounge music, which I sometimes like if I want some music playing in the background while I write. The DJs switched places and played their tunes, and in that way you could definitely hear that each one of them had their own different style. If you want to know more about my personal taste in music, click here. Overall, it was a great event held at a really great venue in Copenhagen, that I did not even know existed. Thanks to the team and DJs for letting us experience that.

This is the outfit that I wore, which might have been a bit too classy for the event, but I really felt like dressing up. It is all black and white, but I mixed in different textures like the leather top to make it more interesting. And do not forget to take a look at the heels; these studded pointed heels are definitely dangerous with its spikes. You could really hurt someone that is getting too close, but besides this, I think they make a great chic statement. What do you think?
new3 IMG_0416 new4 IMG_0446 new1 IMG_0448



TOP: Zara

SHORTS: Missguided


BAG: Aldo