Have tons of things you need to get done, but feel like you achieve nothing at all? Here are 4 genius tools to increase your productivity. Being productive has never been easier.

Do you have tons of things you need to get done, but often feel like you achieve nothing at all? Here are 5 genius tools you should definitely know, that will increase your productivity. Being productive has never been easier.

I am guilty of always having things on my to-do list, but I have recently tried different tools to help me avoid stressing and feeling like I am getting nowhere with my work.

An essential tip that I will give you for feeling and being more productive is to write tasks down. Virtually this will make you more focus on what needs to get done, and you will be able to cross over the task once it’s done, leaving you feeling ultimately satisfied.

There are tons of cute printable weekly calendars that you can buy and print out instantly on Etsy. If you are more into freebies, there are also great free planner printables that you can find on Pinterest.

Being productive is so important because otherwise we can easily feel like a failure, and that is precisely what we do not want. Listed are my favorite tools to increase productivity.

1. The Pomodoro App

The Pomodoro technique is created to make you more efficient and productive, without totally tiring you out. The basic idea is that you set a timer for 25 minutes where you work very focused on a certain task, then take 5 minutes break, and repeat.

You can watch the video on how the technique works if you are curious. What is more amazing is that there is a free app that will guide you through it!

I have found the app so helpful. What is really important, though, when you are intensively working in the 25 minutes, is that you turn off any distractions around you, like notifications on your laptop and computer.

Try it out and see the difference in your productivity. I promise you will see results!

2. The Productivity Planner

The creators behind the ‘5 Minute Planner’ is back with yet another great product: The Productivity Planner.

The product is a Kickstarter project, and can be pledged with as little as $2 for a printable version for their cool planner. Though if you are quick, you can test out the Productivity Planner just by tweeting/sharing the Kickstarter project, and you will get a PDF directly in your inbox.

I will receive the digital planner in November, and until then I have tested out the free version, and I love the concept. It is based on the Pomodoro technique mentioned above, but not only that, it lets you track your productivity in the coolest way.

The day-to-day planner features motivational quotes (which I am all about) and lets you rate your productivity for each day.

3. Trello

Trello is a free service that makes managing projects a piece of cake. This is perfect to use for work and personal projects.

You can create lists for everything: if you are a writer, like me, you can make a list for “topic ideas/possible headlines”, one for “currently in work” and lastly, one for “finished/published”. Same goes for work-related tasks, that will break down the tasks that you need to do, so you do not feel overwhelmed.

For personal use, you can e.g. make a list for a redecoration project, and make certain lists like “to-buy”, “working on” and “done!”. You can move the tasks from list to list and change colors, making to-do lists more fun than ever!

The greatest feature on Trello is that you can invite people to your list, and in that way collaborate on getting things done efficiently. So if you want your partner or roommate in on the redecoration, you can both track the process of the project and delegate tasks.

4. Buffer

If you are short on time, but still want to be active on social media, use Buffer to plan your social media life.

Think about how much damn time you use on social media each day, and how you could have used that time on something far more efficient than stalking a random common friend on Facebook.

We all know that social media can suck the life, and time, out of us, and it definitely hurt of productive routine. Though if you have FOMO of not posting enough updates each week, an idea could be to plan out your tweets, updates, and pins.

This will limit the chance that you are overusing social media, yet not letting you miss out.

5. Music

I often like to listening to music, while writing. It gets me pumped up and inspired to write faster and work more efficiently. Spotify has a whole section dedicated to concentration and focus playlists, and there you can find all sorts of concentration music, from classic piano music to lounge instrumentals.

In my school years, I remember not being able to listen to music while studying, because it confused me from writing and reading. I listened too much to the vocals of the song so I mixed it up with my writing (making my essay look like a total lyrics-mess).

Today I like listening to deep house remixes, with a slightly fast beat that forces me to write a bit faster than normal. I still only stick to songs and remixes with slight singing involved to avoid making a mess of my concentration.

Try out different music genres to see what works best for you: who knows, you might work best with slow meditation vibes or upbeat party music.

What is your favorite method to being more productive? Share below!