Dali Speakers is launching their new portable speaker, KATCH, this week. As part of the Play Katch campaign, I got to experience the speaker myself. In its modern design and rose gold colour, this speaker is not only the perfect gadget accessory for any party but a unique sound experience for any music lover.

It is intriguing how fashion and music are so intervened. Though it may at first seem like two very different things, both are creative expressions affecting our senses and emotions. As Patrizia Calef puts it,

Fashion and music are two intimately connected forms of worldliness, two social practices that go hand in hand, sustaining one another, the medium of mass communication and drawing on a common sensibility which translates into taste.

Our taste in music, says a lot about our personality. Just like our taste in fashion and our way of dressing says a lot about who are we, and how we wish to be perceived. My taste in fashion reflects my taste in music very well – specific, personal, yet with exceptions. I seem to have found a ground in my personal style as all my friends would know exactly what I would buy in a clothing store – which was to my surprise, but I guess that is how you know you nailed it. Though, there are exceptions to my style, when I suddenly wish to experiment and try something new, like unusual combinations of gothic and floral.

It translates well to my music taste in the way that I normally have a strong love for deep house as a genre, because it’s unique and different, and I normally would not shy away from that. Though sometimes I like listening to Ariana Grande’s latest hits, as well as some 90’s pop favourites (Because, Spice Girls. Duh.).

Here are some of my favourite tracks on Soundcloud, that I love listening at all hours:

dali-speakers-play-katch-campaign-instagram-social-technology-fashion-copenhagen-london-blog-blogger3 juliana-chow-dali-speakers-play-katch-campaign-instagram-social-technology-fashion-copenhagen-london-blog-blogger4


The DALI KATCH speaker is lightweight, portable and connects to your smartphone instantly. The ultimate embodiment of advanced digital technology and unique design, bring both elements together to create a loudspeaker delivering rich sound from an incredibly compact model.

The speaker has two audio profiles to ensure the best possible result in any scenario. One in neutral frequency response, perfect for most listening situations, while the other has added warmth, perfect for playing in larger rooms when the music

needs an extra ‘oomph’. The speaker easily connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and also drive a Chromecast Audio dongle, which makes it optimal for home network integration. The advance Bluetooth feature also allows you to pair with additional KATCH speakers, which makes for the ultimate stereo experience with your friends. Lastly, the battery offers up to 24-hours of untethered playback and charges to full within 2 hours.

The sound experience provided in its sleek design is not something you will want to miss out on.

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The must-have gadget at any picnic party…

My favourite thing about the KATCH speaker is that it is extremely suitable for any occasion. Whether it is travel, work, school, a night in or a night out, the speaker supplies tunes for any possible situation.

I love to use my KATCH speaker when I am working. Music always helps me stay motivated, and it makes everything more enjoyable. Even on dreadful Autumn mornings when you do not feel like waking up, music, or a good audiobook, helps me to set the mood and start the day.

As I live in the city, I often find myself spending time in parks, or in my garden. It is an amazing way to reflect and find peace in a busy city. The KATCH speaker is incredible for that too, and a must-have gadget for any picnic party.

juliana-chow-dali-speakers-play-katch-campaign-instagram-social-technology-fashion-copenhagen-london-blog-blogger10 juliana-chow-dali-speakers-play-katch-campaign-instagram-social-technology-fashion-copenhagen-london-blog-blogger5 juliana-chow-dali-speakers-play-katch-campaign-instagram-social-technology-fashion-copenhagen-london-blog-blogger12

Read more about the KATCH speaker and its project, and visit Dali Speaker’s Instagram.