Healthy, Delicious & Easy Snacks

I have created a list of 6 delicious, healthy and easy snacks for work and studying. The recipes require minimum effort, and will instantly satisfy cravings for sweets in a healthy way.

I love chocolate and I often crave it whether it is as a treat or just to get my blood sugar back at its normal level. But first, why is it that we often crave sweets on order to get our concentration back on at work or while studying?

Sugar Cravings 101: Why do we crave sweets?

Do you know that craving for sweets at work, and as you progress you get dissipated, and cannot seem to get through the day without indulging a chocolate bar? Sugar cravings mostly happen due to:

  • Lack of sleep or just general exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of activity
  • Protein deficit

If you know that you are suffering from one, if not more of the factors above, you probably know what I am talking about. In my school days, I craved sweets all the time, and I felt as if I was constantly eating unhealthy just to stay awake. The reason behind this was simply that I didn’t get enough sleep. Many young people feel this way, because a lot of minds work best at night and are not designed to get up at 6 A.M. But just because I suffered through my study years, doesn’t mean that you should too. Incorporating healthy habits of going to bed on time will benefit you when it comes to sugar cravings, stress symptoms and healthy food choices.

Your craving for sweets might also be because you are not eating enough protein. Protein balances blood sugar and prevents you from eating more food than necessary. This means that by eating and digesting protein, your cravings will lessen.

Dehydration is a surprising factor. A lot of fitness experts say that we can experience food cravings when we are really just thirsty, and that includes sugar. Also lack in activity makes the body lazy, whereas regular exercise makes us choose healthier food options.

But really, let’s face it. Most people can’t do good with all healthy habits, during busy work schedules and study dates, without lacking in some. What we can do, is substituting the unhealthy products with healthy alternatives. So if you have an assignment or project coming up that you know will demand fewer hours of sleep and hard work, this list will help you with that.

Healthy, Delicious & Easy Treats For Work & Studying That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth:

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Truffles


Amy’s dark chocolate blueberry truffles are amazing! Not only is the taste of dark chocolate and blueberry delicious together, blueberry and cacao have some serious health benefits. Blueberries are high in vitamin C, which maintains a healthy immune system. An immune system boost is key if you lack in sleep or are feeling stressed. Besides, both blueberry and cacao is said to improve brain function keeping you focused on your work.

Healthy Raffaello


I love Raffaello and as a healthy substitute? That might just be even better. This recipe has a prep time of 10 minutes, making it your ultimate go-to snack for when you are in a hurry. The main ingredients are coconut and almonds, which are high on healthy fats that are really good for your brain and metabolism.

No Bake Cashew Coconut Protein Bars


These cashew coconut protein bars are seriously heaven. As mentioned sugar cravings can be a sign of protein deficit, so stocking up on extra protein might be a smart move. Plus, the cashews and coconut contains healthy fats that make your brain scream ‘yes’!

No-Bake Double Chocolate Fudge


For all chocolate fanatics out there, this healthy double chocolate fudge recipe might be the best yet. These ones consist of almond flour, coconut flour, cacao and maple syrup. Marple syrup is proven to fight off illnesses and even beat bloating, which makes it the perfect pick-me-up ingredient.

Matcha Green Tea Fudge Protein Bars


I love green tea, in fact, I drink it almost every day of the week. Matcha is a concentrated version of green tea, meaning that it e.g. consists more caffeine providing you with an energy boost. These matcha fudge protein bars doesn’t only look delicious, they are the perfect source of energy, protein and other nutrients that will get you through a tough day.

Coconut Apricot Bites




Last but not least, these coconut apricot bites are first off small and handy to bring in a plastic container in your bag. And not only that, the bites contain dried apricots, meaning they are a perfect source of fructose to keep up your energy level.

Which snack would you like to try out?