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I’m Juliana and I help young women to simplify and improve their lives by providing life hacks, style guides and inspiration that will show you how to stay curious, stylish, confident and live ‘healthily’ ever afterTrust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Shortly, I’m here to help you whenever you feel less than fabulous, whenever you are embarrassed about the way that you eat and are frustrated about the pounds you have gained. I’ll help you through stressful days and busy schedules and when you have absolutely no idea how to find your zen again.

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I have huge experience with fashion and lifestyle writing, both in print and online, which will come to your benefits, as I share all the tips and tricks I have learned through the years. I have worked and been featured in several different magazines, such as CNN International, Career Girl Daily, Elite Daily, Postlude Magazine, Aller Media together with many more projects to come. Now it’s time for me to connect with my own audience. That’s you!

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