Here Are The 5 Ultimate Instagram-Worthy Vacation Spots Travel Summer

Your favorite bloggers, Instagram celebrities, and YouTubers have been there, should you? If you have not booked your summer holidays yet, you might want to go through this list, before you do so.

From Paris to Greece to Hawaii, here is the ultimate list of Instagram-worthy vacation spots that will literally ‘feed your feed’ and make it epic. This will satisfy your inner Wanderlust, trust me.

1. The Bahamas

There is something about swimming pigs, starfishes and beaches with pink sand that may seem rather attractive to many famous Instagrammers, and I can understand why. Not only does the Bahamas seem like paradise, I believe it might actually be a paradise from the look of those Instagram posts popping up on my feed.

Regardless, the Bahamas is a rather popular getaway location for Americans, as one of the islands is only 50 miles from Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Besides the famous beaches, the Bahamas is one of the world’s premier scuba diving destinations, so if you want underwater selfies with Nemo for your feed, this is the place to spend the summer!

2. Paris, France

Ahh, Paris. The beauty of eating Laudrée macarons in front of the Eiffel Tower, after an afternoon spent at the Louvre. The french couture, Parisian people, and charming architecture are everything that makes Paris, well, Paris.

This is why so many people admire the city, making your posts the ultimate like-bait on Instagram. Paris hits a soft spot in most people’s heart, and if it does just that for you, this might be the place to visit in 2016.

3. Hawaii

It is said that Hawaii should have the best waves, beaches and acai bowls in the world. Bloggers and Instagrammers love to travel here for tropical themed photoshoots and relaxation.

Some of the must do’s in Hawaii is surfing, cliff jumping (if you dare), volcano sighting and whale watching. Doesn’t that just sound incredible? I think so, yes.

4. Greece

Greece is another Instagram favorite. Especially, Santorini makes every Instagram photo stand out with its landscape of small white buildings along the shore.

Visit Rhodes to experience the Valley of Butterflies and Rhodes Old City – both amazing spots for photography. Visit Athens to take pictures around the charming old ruins, and lastly, go to Santorini for the ultimate luxury experience and relaxation.

5. New York

The city where everything happens. The Big Apple is a favorite spot for top bloggers and celebrities out there because that is where all the large corporations are located (it’s all business, ya know). Having spent 3 weeks in this city, I can guarantee you, that you will not get bored while you are there.

New York is an ever evolving city, so it can quite oppositely, be difficult to know what to spend your time with because there are so many options. Central Park is a fantastic location for photography, as is Soho, where you can find hipster wall paintings of those colorful angel wings you always see on Instagram.

Besides, New York is the dream location spot for any foodie, because there are eating spots on every corner of the streets of Manhattan. You will not starve here, plus, you have a chance to up your #foodgram game.

Where would you like to go next?