Dare to try something new with your fashion this season? Here are 5 autumn/winter trends you should totally rock, and how you should style them.

We are close to the end of the year, which means that it is time for autumn/winter trends to shine in the fashion industry. I have picked out my favorite trends for the fashion season.

The big trend for autumn/winter is the 70’s comeback. Think: bell bottoms, funky patterns, John Lennon glasses and lots of fringes. Many of the trends below resembles the 70’s with a modern twist. In this article, I am bringing to you runway looks and street style, as well as Polyvore style guides of how you should go about styling the trends. You might even be able to pick out similar pieces of clothing from your wardrobe that will fit in with some of these trends. Do you still have chokers or flared jeans laying around somewhere? Well, it might just be the time to collect those and put together a perfect look that will turn heads this season.

5 Autumn/Winter Trends You Should Totally Try This Season:


Tibi A/W 2015

cape-poncho-ralph-lauren-autumn-winter-2015Ralph Lauren A/W 2015

Why you should wear this:

I am so grateful this is trending, because really, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try out this trend. The poncho/cape style is flattering on anyone, will keep you warm in cold weathers and will most definitely give, close to every look, a clean and effortless chic touch. See, there is a reason why I put this trend first because it is obviously my favorite one of them all.

I was obsessed with cape style a few years ago, but it was so difficult for me to find the perfect one because it wasn’t exactly in style. I hope that the fact that it is a trend this year will make it easier to find different cape coat styles online and in stores.

How to style it:


Styling cape coats are easy! First of all, I would pair the coat with some kind of tight bottom since the cape is typically flaring.

Secondly, bling up the outfit with statement accessories, and top it off with your favorite pair of black boots. Knee high boots, for instance, would go amazing with this (which is so popular among fashion bloggers, by the way). You can style the cape up and down, depending on the occasion, making it the ultimate versatile outdoor fashion piece in your closet. For everyday wear, this makes the perfect office look. And for special occasions, a cape coat would go fantastic over a tight midi-dress.

When it is freezing outside, you might want to put on a chic sweater under the cape, as most capes often have holes instead of actual sleeves. Not to worry, this still looks cute, especially if finished off with a pair of black leather gloves.

2. PLAIDED EVERYTHINGprada-plaids-trend-2015-autumn-winter

Prada A/W 2015 @vogue.comNew_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_15-NYFW-Street_Style-Chiara_Ferragni-N21_Dress-

Chiara Ferragni, NYFW

Why you should wear this:

Plaids are back, and the pattern has never been more stylish. Plaids are everywhere to be seen within fashion and within decor design. This is a fun trend for everyday fashion. Do you remember Clueless? Like every other girl, I love that movie, and since both plaids and coordinated sets are in trend, we might want to start searching online for a similar yellow blazer and skirt set.

Everyone has a plaided shirt laying around somewhere in their closet, which means you can style the trend right away. Buttoned-down off-shoulder shirts like this are so trendy at the moment, and you can do exactly that with an old flannel shirt. If you don’t have such shirt, steal your brother’s or boyfriend’s shirt and try styling this with a statement belt – shirt dresses are also a hit!

How to style it:


To style a plaided shirt dress, all you really need is a pair of cute boots or heels and tons of jewelry and accessory to complete your look. I picked out a bucket bag for the board, because they are super popular this season, and goes great with the everyday chic look.

When coordinating your outfit, I would recommend sticking to the colors of your plaided clothing piece. For instance, if you are wearing a plaid pencil skirt that consists of the colors white, red, black and grey, stick to the same colors for the rest of your outfit for that put-together look we all want to achieve.

If you are daring, though, you can mix different plaided prints together. Again, this will work best if you stick to the same color nuances, so the two pieces have something in common, like the same color of red.


emilio-pucci-goth-trend-2015Emilio Pucci A/W 2015 @popsugar.comkristina-bazan-goth-trend-2015

Kristina Bazan, NYFW

Why you should wear this:

The goth-glam trend is the perfect look for a night out. It is dramatic, strong and fashionable – a look that everyone can pull off if having the courage to do it. If you are not much for an all-black outfit, you don’t have to. Mixing in a subtly color of red, gives an instant vamp feeling, making you feel like you are casting in Vampire Diaries.

The goth-inspired trend resembles the punk fashion that was so popular in the 70’s and came back in the 90’s. You can subtlety re-create that with a powerful makeup look, choker necklace, and powerful dark-colored lips.

How to style it:


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Makeup is a big part of styling a goth/vamp look. Go for bold lips, heavy eyeliner and bronzer if the blacks are making you look too pale. It is all about experimenting with different looks: would you ever wear black lipstick? If no, why not? It doesn’t hurt to try something new once in a while, and it may boost your confidence to try something different and stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to styling, this trend is all about keeping the blacks to a max. Yet not to make the look too boring, you can totally accessorize subtlety with gold, red and silver nuances. A leather jacket is a must for this look, together with funky and fun accessories like a cat ear headband.

4. FESTIVE FRINGEfringe-autumn-winter-trend-2015-Sally-LaPointe

Sally LaPointe A/W 2015 @popsugar.comJCrew-Fall-2015-trend

J Crew A/W 2015

Why you should wear this:

Fringes are festive in every way. It goes with the bohemian 70’s fashion trends, but when glammed up what it really reminds me of, is 1920’s flapper dresses. Fringes can be found on everything, from purses, jewelry, biker jackets to shoes.

This trend can be dressed up and down, as fringes can be both super everyday boho, and at the same time extremely feminine. I love fringes and I definitely need to add more pieces of this trend into my wardrobe. We can never have too many fringe pieces, right?

How to style it:


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As fringes exist on every kind of clothing piece on the market at the moment, what is important is to find the right balance for a well put-together look. Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one clothing piece with fringes because it is totally possible to wear multiple layers of fringes.

Keep in mind what kind of style you are going for with your outfit: Are you are going for a bohemian suede look or black leather festive look? Or maybe a third look? You want to ask yourself these kind of questions when styling an outfit, in order to create a theme around your look and make the outfit interesting.

5. BOHEMIAN FLINGanna-sui-bohemian-trend-2015

Anna Sui A/W 2015
bohemian-etro-autumn-winter-2015-trendEtro A/W 2015

Why you should wear this:

Who doesn’t love bohemian fashion? I know I love it. This trend fits perfectly with both the fringe and the cape/poncho trend, meaning that you can mix and match between these autumn/winter trends all you want!

The bohemian fashion trend is relaxed, comfortable and stacked with tons of cute jewelry and feathers, which is a must. Top this off with your favorite John Lennon sunglasses and a backpack or bucket bag. Now you should be ready and dressed for your next Coachella.

How to style it:


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For an ultimate bohemian inspired look, I’d go for feather accessories, a top with bell sleeves, a cute hat and a fringe bag to finish off the look. The cute headband would also make such a great headpiece for winter, instead of flower crowns and head jewelry that every boho soul wears in the summer time.

For rocking the bohemian trend this season, I would go for neutral colors, as the colorful pinks and purples seem to fit more to summer festival looks. Finally, I think this trend is perfect for lazy cold days where you want to be comfortable, but in a fashionable and effortless way.

I’m a newbie to Polyvore, and I tried it only for the purpose of this blog post, so do you think I did OK? Also, which of these autumn/winter trends will you be rocking in the near future?