CONFIDENCE: Something we should all possess, yet most of us never had the courage to actually achieve it. Why? Fear stops us from looking and feeling gorgeous any time of the day, but the ironic truth is, that once you feel confident and fearless in your own skin, you can conquer pretty much any fear the world.

When you’re confident, you can do anything.

So, how did I get it right? The truth is, I haven’t. Achieving a state of confidence and audacity is a life long journey, that I’m still on, just like everyone else. But what I can show you is how to get on the right track in the right direction.

The theme of the month is confidence: How to fake it until you make it, and how to stand out from the crowd in your own personal way. How to be the best you, and totally rocking it through your style and personality.

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This outfit sums up the theme pretty well simply because dressing up to express myself is a part of what makes me feel confident. And yes, I felt like dressing up as a total bling ball for this shoot, just because it felt awesome.

I can’t wait to start this journey with you. Until then, stay gorgeous. #RoyalNovember.