When Urban Decay launched the Vice 2 palette, the Internet beauty world went crazy. I saw excitement and recommendations of this palette on YouTube, Instagram and basically anywhere. Within a few days I knew I just had to have it. I eagerly went to Sephora, where the assistant told me the palette would first be released in Denmark in winter 2014 (WHAT the @*!?#!). She was just as frustrated as I was.

I went home and started researching on my own where I could get a hold of this palette, and came across a UK online beauty shop called It is possibly very popular and has existed for ages, but this was the first time I had visited the site. The prices are somewhat cheaper than in Denmark, which is nice! They also have some great sales for the holidays and I got discounts on a lot of my products, including the Vice 2 palette.


You can simply push a button and the lid will slide open to reveal a huge mirror and 16 beautiful eyeshadow colors. The palette itself is made of plastic and is very lightweight. I think the palette is just as gorgeous inside as outside: the purple packaging is amazing not to mention the crystal-like Urban Decay logo in the front.

My general impression of this palette is that it is very versatile. There is such a great variety of different looks you can create by using these shades: anything from neutral to bright, colorful eye makeup looks. I think the colors of the palette can suit almost anyone. If you’re like me, who mostly goes for brown, smokey or neutral eye makeup because it works for any occasion, this palette is perfect though for trying out looks you wouldn’t normally wear.


I preferably use Smokeout and Lovesick for smokey eyes. The combination of these and Shellshock is especially good for a night out. I haven’t worn the pink shades yet, since I would most likely wear pink eye makeup in the Spring and Summer time, though I do love the unique X-rated matt color, which is a color that does not compare to anything I have owned before.


Prank and Madness are surprisingly two of my favorite colors from the palette. They are two very unique colors and again not like anything I’ve ever seen or thought of wearing before. With my greenish-brown eyes I’d never have thought blue eyeshadow would suit me, but combined with Bootycall (Naked 2) and Dope, this gives a different yet beautiful smokey eye makeup look that would actually accommodate any eye color. The golden Strike color is going to be great for the holiday season and suit especially those with a warm undertone. Just like the two darker shades above, the eyeshadows Stash and Poison are going to make any smokey eye looks stand out.

IMG_8339_FotorI especially like the shade Damaged because it reminds me of the color of a Christmas tree. Its metallic, glittery texture glides on very easily. Also, the metallic purple Betrayal goes fantastic with Voodoo, which is a dark plum color with purple sparkles in it.


These are the lighter and more neutral colors of the palette. Dope reminds me a lot of Bootycall from the Naked 2 palette, yet I think Dope is a bit more pinkish. I still love this kind of light pink and I wear it mostly every day just because it blends and works together with so many different eye shadow looks. The color Toxic would accommodate blondes and girls with blue eyes perfectly. I don’t think it would suit me, though, but we’ll have to see. Habit has a very interesting creamy texture! It’s great to use as a base or a no-makeup-makeup look. Rewinds is a matt brown shade good for blending and very similar to Tease from the Naked 2 palette.

I think the palette would be a great Christmas gift for someone who loves makeup, or to treat yourself (Who says you can’t treat yourself with a Holiday present?). It has definitely been fun for me to experiment with and try out daring new looks I’ve never worn before. The next palette on my wish list is the new Naked palette. Just as I received the Vice 2 palette everyone started ranting about the Naked 3 palette (argh!). Urban Decay never stop, do they? Ha ha. Hope you have a great weekend!