Whether it is final’s stress, searching for a new job or planning a holiday trip, we can easily get lost at the beginning and the end of the process.

In order to keep focus, there are several ways to keep yourself motivated. Here are reasons to keep in mind that will help you to go on when you are about to give up.

1. You are stronger than you think

Question yourself: who is telling you that you cannot complete a certain task? Nowadays, and this applies to any industry really, it is all about self-promotion and believing in who you are and what you stand for in order to succeed and move forward. Ever heard the saying that you should ‘never take no for an answer‘? It is a bit cliche though it is truly essential and relevant for whatever you are about to give up on. Just because you failed an audition, does not mean what you will have a horrible experience at the next one. Just because you did not get the job that you applied for, does not mean that there are not millions of other opportunities out there for you. It is all about optimism, having the right mindset and believing that you are capable of doing anything that you wish.

2. Tricking your mind will make it all easier

To-do lists are great for planning the day ahead, though be sure that you are being realistic about your goals. By setting too many tasks for one day, it will not seem motivating and you will end up stressing yourself if your are not finished with it all by the end of the day. Speaking from experience, you will not want to get yourself procrastinating just because you have too many things that you want to get done – that will not get you anywhere. A simple trick, that I have recently learned to prevent this from happening, is to break down your tasks into small steps. One of the larger tasks could be to apply to a job, which immediately seems time-consuming and overwhelming, yet breaking the task down into small baby steps as, e.g. reading the job description, customizing the CV, outlining the cover letter etc., will actually make the task seem achievable and easy to do more than once. Plus, there is something about checking off your to-dos more than once, that seems to motivate just about everyone.

3. By putting things into perspective, there will be no limits

Perspective is the key when thinking about a task or project that at the moment may seem difficult, but in a few weeks may not seem as that big of a deal. A way to practice this is by finding a quiet place, and visualize yourself in a positive and complete state one month ahead. Then look back at where you currently are, and the tasks you are facing and think “That was so easy” or “I am so glad I studied that hard for the test”. Being appreciative even before you have completed the task, will put you in the mindset of doing well, and not let your future self down.


4. Positive thinking is the key to a successful output

Think of yourself as a magnet, so that everything positive or negative you say or think will come back to you in the same state of positive or negative response. This means that your attitude towards the task or project in front of you is essential for the outcome. Keep a positive mind and attitude, and avoid forcing yourself to do something, if you are not feeling inspired or motivated. Instead, a tip would be to meditate, go for a walk or really anything that will reload your batteries and get you ready and focused again.

5. Once it is done you will feel that you can do anything

You know the satisfying feeling of finishing a workout session, and allowing yourself to relax for the day. Relate this to the finale’s revision that you have to get done, or the application that you have to send out by the end of the day. Having in mind how good and satisfied you will be with yourself afterward will push you to keep on going to the end result. Have your eyes on the finish line, whether that might be Netflixing or spending time with your loved ones.


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