I thought I would make a Japanese DIY tutorial, just to show my love to Japan. All that chaos that’s happening in Japan is just unimaginable to believe.

I know I’m kind of late about this, but I guess I couldn’t just ignore it and not upload anything about Japan. So, I know this tutorial isn’t going to help anybody, but it’s showing a bit of the wonderful, peaceful nature Japan will always be known for. AND the final result is extremely pretty to decorate your room with!

Step 1

Cut out eight pieces of paper for the flower part and four pieces for the leaf part – any colors you want. The flower part would look great in either yellow, blue, or in my case, pink. Cut them out in any size you want – just be sure all of the paper pieces are the same size. I cut out mine in 25 x 13 cm.

Step 2

Fold the corners of each paper into the middle, so it makes two triangles on the sides – as you can see in the left picture. You can hold the paper in the middle before this, so it’s easier to fold even. Next you are going to fold the sides of the paper inwards – as in the right picture.

Step 3

Fold the paper in the middle outwards, so it sort of creates a boat or something like that. Folding the leaf part – you do exactly the same, just a little different in the end, where you fold the leaf part inwards instead of outwards like the flower part.

In the right picture, you see the final result of the folding papers.

Step 4

As you see in the picture – put the leaf part into two of the flower parts. Do this on all of the folding papers. Then collect all of the now four parts and put them side by side, and put elastic or something similar around the middle

Step 5

Start folding the corners up to the middle, one by one. In the left picture, you see the flower half done..

And then… the final result! I must admit I was a bit proud of myself for making these – because of the easy steps it surprisingly turned out really well. Remember you can cut the paper pieces out in any size you want.