First impressions are important in order for people to remember you. What most people do not know is that a good first impression does not depend on what you say, but rather what you do and how you hold your body.

A good body language and a huge smile go a long way, when using these techniques, and leaves a good impression with everyone that you meet, once you combine them all.

Whether it is networking at a conference, attending a debate or presenting in front of a group of people you do not know, here are 3 easy tips for appearing super confident and in control towards everyone that you meet.

1. Know your body language and posture

Body language is said to be the most important element of first impressions, so make sure it’s good. It’s important to have some sort of background knowledge on body language if you do want to seem more confident and in control towards the people that you meet.

Having closed off body language, as folding your arms or fingers together, sends off wrong signals and will make you seem insecure or unsatisfied.

When meeting someone for the first time, make sure to keep an open body language, preferably with open arms and large arm movements, in order to seem more trustworthy.

Posture is just as important in order for you to appear extremely confident in your own skin. Stand tall, with your head slightly tilted upwards. This will not make you seem snobby, but rather it will prevent you from tilting your chin down to the street, making you appear insecure.

2. Make eye contact (or, at least, pretend to)

Eye contact is essential in order to seem convincing and in control towards the other person. People that keep looking away during conversations often seem less interested in talking to the other person, who they are having the conversation with.

For those who feel intimidated constantly looking the other person in the eyes, a trick is to instead look at the area right in between the eyebrows. This area is often called the “third eye”, and trust me, the other person will not notice the difference.

3. Be shameless and smile

Being shameless about what everything that you are saying, is a huge help to seem more confident. Ever thought “Oh sh*t, I shouldn’t have said that!” right after you felt that you said something stupid, or inappropriate? People will notice your body language or facial expression that you are suddenly feeling uncomfortable about the situation.

That is not the signals that you want to send out to people that you meet. Studies have shown 85% of what we worry about never happens.

Still even if you did come up with a stupid phrase, it is often better to just go with the flow. Do not apologize for your personal opinions even though the other person does not agree with you. In this way, you will appear as a strong, independent personality that does not give in for other’s opinions.

If you feel uncomfortable standing up for something the other person is not, a smile can always solve most problems. Smiling is the greatest power for making you seem more friendly, confident and approachable.

What’s you favorite trick to gaining the confidence of Queen B, when you need it the most?