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School takes up much of my time, so I thought I would share a few ideas on how to make your school life a bit happier, more pink and organized.

I bought my school bag at Accessorize and I love the pattern – it goes with any outfit! I used to carry a shoulder bag for school but I realized that my computer is too heavy and I would end up hurting my back. I am so glad I decided to buy a rucksack instead. Now walking to school is much more manageable!


Here is what is in my school bag:

  • Pencil case from Tally Weijl: I bought it a few years back yet it is still in an excellent condition. It mainly contains pens and lots of lip glosses.
  • A Yves Saint Laurent lipstick I had been eyeing for way too long!
  • Hand sanitizer with sparkles in it!
  • My agenda I love to death
  • Keychain with a bear tape measure and souvenirs from this summer in Italy and Malta.
  • Folder for school papers: this is a great way to become more organize your papers in school. With small post-it stickers you can even sort the papers by subjects.
  • Macbook Pro 13″


At my school it is very important that we bring our computers to school every day, and since my school offers all of the students the same type of computer, I thought it would stand out more if I decorated it with a sticker. I bought this full-cover sticker at eBay for $25 and it works great! It protects my computer against scratches, as well as turning it into this amazing artwork in lots of colors matching the school bag. The best part is that the sticker won’t leave any sticky residue if you decide to take it off.



Keeping an agenda has become such an important thing for me. First of all it makes you happier because you can schedule all your plans and you don’t have to stress as much about things. And second of all it is fun to look back at; it’s a personal diary in a way. I bought this agenda this summer in Italy by a brand named PIP Studio. It is probably the most decorative agenda you can find on the market and I am so happy about it! The colors and theme change by each month and the overall look of the book closed is just gorgeous. Having a pretty agenda makes me want to use it and write in it more often than a usual or digital agenda (especially with colored glitter pens).

These are some of my things that make my everyday school life happier and much more organized than before. In my opinion it is important to be cheerful each time you look at items that you surround yourself with each day. And if you can’t find what you are looking for – make it yourself! Decorate your notebook with drawings and write inspirational quotes that makes you happy. Surround yourself with all the beautiful things in life!