Greetings from cold, snowy Copenhagen! The snow came late this year, leaving December bare, and January looking like a Winter Wonderland. I catch myself humming Christmas songs because the snowy weather reminds me of the holidays.

Though my mind is all set for spring, with spring fashion statements already hanging in my wardrobe waiting to be worn, I cannot ignore the fact that the city is covered in snow, and it is way too cold to wear spring dresses outside.

Even though the snow may look beautiful, and even magical in the sun, going through a dark and cold winter season can be tough. Minor winter depressions and SAD is a real thing, and I have experienced just on my body in a few different ways. I have experienced a decreased level of energy, ability to concentrate and the ability to eat healthily like I use to.

During these past months, I rarely had any excess energy to even think about working out, which turned into this bad routine of being lazy and get nothing done. So lately, I have experimented with different techniques to make me a more happy and healthy person during the winter.

I found that one of the best ways to feel better, and get more done, is to wake up early, to get as much sunlight into your day as possible. Sunlight stimulates happiness and it produces vitamin D, which lots of people have a deficit of during the winter, harming our bodies and well-being.

For cloudy morning where there are no signs of the sun, I use a Light Therapy lamp, that should supposedly wake you up internally and substitute the feeling of sunlight. Other important elements of staying sane during the winter, include things like exercising, meditating, and getting outside, even when it is unbearably cold.

Here is a typical winter outfit that is super comfy and warm (enjoy my goofy happy face!), and let me know if you would like me to write another post with more tips on how to stay happy and healthy during the winter.

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