As our days in Rome came to an end, we continued our journey towards the coast of Abruzzo, Italy. This place is so nostalgic for me, as this is where my Italian side of the family is from.

Therefore, the cities were familiar to me, and as we arrived I instantly felt a sense of calmness. The view of the ocean always does something to me – brings me to a sense of gratefulness and joy. It can be so de-stressing and calming just to watch the shoreline and the waves moving from the sea.

We played tennis once, which was a joy and a great workout. We visited family and ate lots of local foods. One evening we decided to eat dinner at a local boat restaurant that was placed, literally on the shoreline of the beach with a panorama view of the ocean. As we began to eat at 7 P.M., every twentieth minute or so, we saw the sky change and the sun set into the night. All of the photos of the sky below was taken at the same spot throughout the hours that we were there before the darkness of the night hit. I was taken aback at how incredible that experience was together with the amazing food that we ordered. The restaurant was specialized in Italian seafood dishes – my favorite thing in the whole world. For starters, we ordered a mix of different things to try and tasted fish that we had never seen or heard about before. Then we ate lobster and spaghetti alle vongole which was absolutely wonderful. Seafood dishes enjoyed with a panorama view of the ocean just goes incredibly amazing together. Even though the dinner was an investment, the experience was all worth it.

We took photos on our trip that I wanted to share, to give you a feeling of the settings, the beach and to give you a glimpse of my beach style fashion pieces. It is officially autumn now, and I miss the beach and the hot weather a lot. Even though I just came home from a weekend in Oslo, I want to travel again as soon as I get the chance. I can already feel the sun and smell the ocean.

19382954774_095e856705_oIMG_972319573620424_2176c2f6f4_oProcessed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Where did you go this summer? And what do you love most about the beach?