Get a peek into my world, when I get up-close and personal about the untold story of why I started my online store and learn more about the concept behind it.

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I have never truly written about SHOP BY JULIANA CHOW and its concept on my blog because the shop has not really been ready up until now. I had a hard time taking photos of the jewelry with my DSLR because it could not quite capture how beautiful the beads looked in real life.

Right when I was about to give up, my brother hooked me up with a lightbox and his iPhone 6S and the results were incredible (still unbelievable that an iPhone can beat a DSLR, right?). I can’t tell you how proud I am of the shop now, and how I just feel like sharing it with everyone over the internet.

Though, I won’t quite do that, but I still want to share this story with you. Because it’s raw, and it’s me.

The Story

August 2015 was a true turning point for me. I graduated with a degree and good grades though I didn’t feel happy at all. I felt more relieved that it was all over: the exams and the pressure I put on myself to do good. And that’s where the post-stress started to make its appear.

I have always been my own biggest critic, and it felt like all the stress and anxiety came after I graduated. I had been under so much pressure from myself to do perfectly, and when I finally graduated I broke down because I did not know how to go on from there.

I have always had so high ambitions that I would tear myself apart if I could not find the way of how to achieve those goals. I knew I wanted to do good, but I also knew I needed to find myself again before moving forward.

I took to the place where I knew I would feel most at peace – to my grandmother’s hometown in Italy, where I have spent most of my summers through all my life. Sun, beach, and nostalgia.

As amazing as it sounds, I did find it. My peace. And I found something far more precious than I had every imagined.

I came in contact with the sweetest lady that lived in the city, who hand-crafted jewelry, and I instantly fell in love with the designs, colors, and beads. Then when I heard that the beads came from Guatemala, and each piece of jewelry helped families from there, I was sold.

On the trip, I not only found myself again, but I found my concept and idea that would lead me on the path to exactly where I was supposed to. Here, sharing everything I know with you, helping you to a more stylish, healthy and exciting life and simultaneously developing my very own jewelry brand concept.

I could feel the difference right away, when I came home with a bunch of jewelry, renewed energy and ideas. This was really happening.

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  • black necklace

The Concept

Each and every piece is unique. None of the jewelry are alike, making you the exclusive owner of something that no one else has. This will make you stand out from the crowd and totally rocking it.

The idea behind the brand is to solve your problem of wearing boring jewelry all year around. Who says you only have to wear gold or silver jewelry? I hand-picked the jewelry myself, and I especially chose them in the way that I wanted them to make a statement for every outfit.

The quality of the jewelry is incredible. These pieces of jewelry are hand-sewed (no glue used) and they can handle close to everything – even water. Even the lock is made of beads: super adjustable at three sizes, so it fits every wrist. The lock is secure, so it will stay in place and not fall off.

The pieces are fun and different, yet fit to the taste of every woman. There are pieces for every personality, favorite color and mood. I find some to be beachy, feminine or sophisticated, making these perfect for however you want to be perceived.

I love all of the pieces because I believe all of them symbolizes the struggle I went through of finding my path and strength again. I hope they will do the same for you: make you shine and be the center of attention like never before.

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I am excited to hear what you think! Which one is your favorite?