I am a girl who loves jewelry and diamonds. Always have and always will. I recently teamed up with Jevelo to design my own necklace and review the process.

The Jevelo app allows you to custom design your own necklace on your iPhone in only 3 steps – it only takes a couple of minutes to design and choose the shape that you like  – and with few clicks you can order your design and get it delivered directly to your door. No computer needed! I love innovative concepts like this, and I love unique products that lets you design a product no one else really has. I love the idea that you get to design your own unique necklace. This means that you get to design exactly what fits your taste and personality. I designed my necklace based on the logo for my store, and the JC is also my monogram, both symbolizing me in so many ways.

The process of designing and ordering went incredibly fast, espcially because I already had an idea in of exactly how I wanted it. When it arrived the necklace was exatly as I had designed it and imagined it. Now I wear it close to daily, because it goes with every outfit! I especially love the necklace paired together with the earrings that I am wearing in these photos. The necklace and earrings together are just gorgeous.

In these photos I am wearing a short chain, compared to the a slightly longer chain that the necklace emblem came with it (you can order it with or without a necklace chain). The emblem is very contriversal, as the jumpring allows you to wear any necklace chain with it. You can switch out the chain between a longer or shorter chain, depending on your outfit and style. This also allows you to stack different necklaces on top of each other.

This is honestly a great customized Christmas gift, perfect for someone you love. You can even custom design one for your dog or cat’s collar! If you, like me, love being creative you will probably we able to spend hours on the app designing different looks.

Want to try out the app? Right now you can create five designs and get a 10% discount on your purchase. And not only that, Jevelo gives away one necklace each week to new users who create minimum three designs!

Click here to download the Jevelo app, or follow Jevelo on Instagram. Good luck with your designs!

Jevelo custom jewelry