For many women, fashion just comes naturally to them, allowing them to venture from boutique to boutique and differentiate between the items that suit their personality and ones that won’t blend well with their existing wardrobe.

Too often we tend to buy into fast fashion without a second thought on how an impulse buy would complement our personal style. Instead, we’re blindly following trends and giving other people the power to define who we are.

The reality is that there are plenty of women who have a difficult time defining their personal style, and as Bustle reiterates, we generally stick to what’s tried and tested. While it’s recommended to go with what’s classic rather than buying into trends, you don’t want to lose sight of who you are. Your clothes should be a reflection of your personality; therefore, no one can truly dictate what you can and cannot wear; the one thing the fashion industry can do is offer you options to help fine-tune your wardrobe.

One of the keys to defining and maintaining your personal style is knowing your body shape, which will help you shop for clothes that fit and flatter. Plus size retailer Woman Within reminds us that the first step to looking great is by making sure you’ve got the right fit. Forget the sizes on the clothing labels—feeling confident in your wardrobe choices starts with your comfort.

Other than finding comfortable clothes, The Every Girl says another easy way to narrow down your aesthetic is by stocking up on your accessories. With the casual blue jeans and white tee combo as an example, a rocker-chic girl might finish the outfit with a leather jacket and moto boots while the minimalist might wear a statement necklace and her OTKs. Don’t underestimate the powers of accessories.

But the biggest lesson that we can all learn in cultivating our personal style is finding what makes you truly happy. Although this will involve lots of trial and error, and possibly a few meltdowns, you’ll quickly learn what’s right for you and your personality. And like Blog Her points out, “Style is not just in what you wear; it’s in the music you listen to, the perfume you choose, the way you hold yourself and an overall ‘lifestyle’ that you portray.” Your clothes are just another extension of what you already know yourself to be.

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Here are some final thoughts on how to refine your personal style:
  • Play around with fashion until you find the style that works best for you. You might want to try out different looks, from feminine to edgy until you find what suits your body and personality the most.
  • Find inspiration in seasonal trends, but keep in mind what suits your body and which colors look best on you.
  • Think of yourself as a brand to find your personal style trademark. Is there anything about your style that makes it unique? It can be a small detail that you are always wearing that people remember you for, e.g. a personal necklace or red lipstick. Obtaining a style trademark can have significant benefits for your career as well. My personal style trademark is my winged eyeliner that I have been doing for ages.
  • If all things fail, remember that your confidence and the way you carry yourself is the key to standing out.
What are your thoughts on personal style? What makes your style stand out?